At Porepunkah Primary school every class engages in a two hour Literacy block four to five times a week.  Our teaching philosophy is about children understanding and being able to state what reading and writing skill or strategy they are practising in the session.  As a teaching team we have an agreed set of consistent teaching and learning practices and set lesson structure across the school.  

Our agreed practices are:

A written Learning goal and success criteria that indicates what learning tasks students will complete to be successful in attaining the Learning Goal for that session.

Examples of learning goal and success criteria


The lessons have a known structure for the children.  Firstly the students work with the teacher for the first ten minutes of the lesson where a new skill will be taught or revised.  The students then move onto either individual or group learning tasks set at their point of need and their level.  The teacher moves on to work with a small group of children in what we call a ‘guided teaching group’.  The lesson ends by the children coming together as a whole group to explain how and what they’ve practised in the session.

Literacy Learning groups.



Spelling Program

In 2014 we introduced a whole school ‘Spelling Mastery’ program as a way of improving our spelling data.  Four mornings a week from 9.00 – 9.30 children move to streamed groups to complete their spelling lessons.